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Special guest::Christine Clemmensen

I Met Christine by my blog "..."  and I felt in love of her blog. I´m really interesting to know more about her taste in books! Thanks a lot Christine for your time and dedication to this interview!

A few words about you
Hi :-) I'm Christine, blogger, mom, graphic designer, knitter, foodie, co-author on Scraps - book on collage, laughing, loving, happy enjoyer of life.

What do you for living
I am very fortunate to be able to make a living of my heart's desire - design and illustration. I work freelance as a graphic designer, making catalogues, magazines, book covers and illustrations.

what´s your favorite book and why
I'm big on fantasy, and I think my favourite read is still Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series; The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. I loose myself completely  in this fantastic universe he has created, and I find the books important, beautiful, wise and very spiritual. And a great story!

Do you have a favorite subject when you buy  or pick a book
I'm open to most reads, but the books that touch me almost always have a "fantastic" element. Like with John Irving (whom I read a lot when I was younger). He tells these tales of people as we know them (no funny ears or wings to carry them), but with that element of fantastic that makes the whole thing rise. Sometimes the fantastic lies in the language too; I recently read  Jón Kalman Stefánsson - a novel called Summerlight, And Then Comes The Night, and it knocked me off my feet. (it has not been translated yet, his book Heaven And Hell is on Amazon though). The story is almost about nothing, we just get glimpses of people in a very small Icelandic town, but the language is so fantastic it made it an almost unbelievable read.

Have a reading list to recomend us
Philip Pullman His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass
Jón Kalman Stefánsson · Summerlight, And Then Comes The Night
Yann Martel · Life of Pi
Herta Müller · The Passport

A phrase, a quote of any book that you remember or like (you can skip this)
(From Summerlight ... since I know of no translation, this is my own personal translation from Danish, and not an official one):
»Once upon a time, Valli was an ordinary man. He worked in electricity, his wife in the bank, four children growing up, a regular life, but then something happened, and Valli said he had seen the light, and then someone said that this was not so strange - you work in electricity. And of course it wasn't electric light Valli meant, but the light that changes your life«

what are you reading now
Two books; Gretchen Rubin · The Happiness Project, and Hermann Hesse · Narcissus and Goldmund

Thanks for your time and suggestions!

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  1. Wow! me encanto! ahora yo quede prendida de su blog tb!
    Me quedan pendientes varias de sus recomendaciones y me late que me van a encantar porque a mi tb me gusta mucho la fantasía, los cuentos, ect...
    Gracias por compartirnos un pedacito de personas especiales que abren las puertas y ventanas del mundo.

  2. Lyn, gracias por tu comentario y pronto te tendremos aqui de invitada de la casa. Te mando un abrazo!